Mahila Sahakari Pat Sanstha Ltd

Our Investment Schemes:

1. Saving Deposit

2. Daily Deposit schemes.:

Our daily collection agent will come & collect your deposit amount from your home/shop/office. This scheme helps to the people who are not able to go daily to credit society & their money gets deposited in their account through collection agent network.

3. Recurring deposit :

  • (a) Recurring Deposit (Normal) - From 1 to 5 years.
  • (b) Jeevanjyoti Recurring Deposit (JJRD) - 10 years.
  • (c) Jeevan Samrudhi deposit (JSRD) - 3 and 5 years.
  • (d) Jeevan Nirantar (JNRD) - 10+10 Years.

We offer very attractive interest rates on all our recurring deposit schemes.

4. Fixed deposits

  • (a) Any Amount can be invested form Rs 100 & above.
  • (b) Period: From 90 days to 7 years.
  • (c) Very attractive interest rate.

We Offer Loans For :

  • 1. Personal Loan : This loan fulfill your urgent & small needs.
  • 2. Emergency Loan: On your basic investment, we offer emergency loan for your urgent needs.
  • 3. Housing Loan: Loans are available for purchase of new houses. Easily available.
  • 4. Loan on Home : On security of your own home, we offer loan as per valuation of home.
  • 5. Gold Loan : Gold Loan will be given immediately against the security of your GOLD. No more paper work. Easily available.
  • 6. Loan on/for Vehicle: Loan will be given to purchase new vehicle & the same vehicle will be security for the said loan. Also we give loan on basis of valuation of your own vehicle for your urgent needs.

We offer all above loans as per rules & regulations of co-operative credit societies.

For More Details Please contract us.

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